Doing a Quote Entry in Sales.Live

Doing a Quick Quote, Order or Invoice

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Quick Entry is Sales.Live’s single screen for entry of sales quotes, orders and invoices.

You can process an Order, Quote or Invoice from this screen by choosing a Customer and Product.

Then hit the Finalise Entry button and you can make final adjustments and then choose to submit a Quote or Order or Invoice.

If in Connected mode your transaction will be posted into your Business System and depending on your Sales .Live setup:

  • a copy of the transaction will be sent to your Customer;

  • a copy will be sent to your head office.

Let's show you how to use Quick Entry:

First, choose a Customer

Type any part of the customer’s name and all matching customers will be listed.

Click the customer you want.

Choose your Products

Below the Customer your entire Inventory list is presented for you to search for, view and select the product(s) you require.

See here for help on using this grid.

To keep the products list short, tick the Common Items or Stocked Items checkbox and the list will be reduced to just those products sold in the last 6 months.

To select a product. enter the quantity required or press the ‘+’ and ‘-’:

As you add products to your sale you will see a running total at the top right corner of the screen:

If you need to start over you can clear your entry using the trash can. 

To proceed with the sale, press Finalise Entry.

Use a Sales Template

If your have create Sales Templates in Sales .Live or in your Business System you can use them here. Customers for whom you have templates will show this icon at the top of the screen:

Click the icon and you'll be able to choose from the templates available for this customer:

The products listed in the Sales Template will then replace the usual list of Inventory Items and you can then choose the quantities you require.

Finalise Entry - review and amend

In this screen can review and change any part of your sale, except for the Customer:

  • Date -  enter this directly as dd/mm/yyyy or click and choose from the calendar

  • Reference - add a reference you see fit (optional)

  • Notes - any special notes

  • Sales Representative - this defaults from your login but can be over-ridden

  • Discount - Tick the box to select a discount % or discount value then enter in the field below
    Note: % discounts are applied to the lines of the sale - if you selected a value discount this will only be shown as a final deduction from the order total.

  • Warehouse - choose from the list of available warehouses Warning: your login may be restricted to certain warehouses only

You can then adjust the lines (products) on your sale as follows:

  • Warehouse - if you have access to multiple warehouses you can direct a particular product to come from a warehouse other than the default.

  • UOM - if your product is sold in various units you can choose a different unit here

  • Quantity - enter the revised quantity or use the + and - buttons

  • Price Ex - you can override the default price (before tax) here

  • Discount
    If you selected a % discount it can be overridden on any line by entering a new % or a discount value.
    To override a value discount use the field in the sale header (above) 


Then process one of the options  - choose any of the 3 submit buttons or the Save Only button which saves the transaction within Sales.Live only.

To generate a preview or file copy, press 


If enabled in your Sales .Live setup, you will see a screen where you can capture a Customer signature:

If you are using a touch-sensitive screen such as a tablet or phone the signature can be written directly here.

This signature is stored along with your sale in your business system.

Email a copy

If enabled in your Sales .Live setup, you’ll now see a window where you can choose to email a copy of the document. 

If your customer has appropriate contacts these will be shown - just tick those applicable. If not, just enter the email address in the box.
Note: the contacts shown includes all those in the Contacts list for the Customer plus the main contact on the Customer in your Business System.



Your completed sale will then be confirmed:

To save you waiting, the sale won't be posted immediately to your Business System but will go into a queue.

If you take a look at the sale (quote, order or invoice) before it updates you may see this message:

When it has updated the Business System Reference will be shown.

If it does not process on the first try, the Sales .Live engine will retry 2 more times, in case there is a temporary problem with the Business System.

If your Business System has rejected it 3 times, you will receive an email explaining the reason.

Need further information?

Submit a ticket by sending an email to  Support@Plus.Live

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