Setup: Connected Mode and Sync schedule

Setup: Connected Mode and Sync schedule

When you first start using Forecast.Live, you will need to define some key settings for your Business: 
  1. Connected Mode (your syncing schedule);
  2. General App Settings (see HERE)
  3. Email Setup (See HERE)
  4. PDF Setup (See HERE)
All these settings are found under the ADMIN MENU / SETUP:

Let's start with Connected Mode

Once your Data Connector has been set up, you need to decide how often you want Forecast.Live to sync with the Business System.

Click on the Connected Mode Setup Tab, under General:

You can also click on the Connected Mode bar:


Now click on Customers and Invoices and choose from Hourly, Daily etc:

Save your changes and click on Setup to go back.

And that's it - easy as that. Now move onto the other settings:

  1. General App Settings (see HERE)
  2. Email Setup (See HERE)
  3. PDF Setup (See HERE)

Need further information?

Submit a ticket by sending an email to Support@Plus.Live

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