General App Settings

Setup: General App Settings

Once you've sorted out the Connected Mode sync schedule, you should look at some General Settings.

As a reminder, this is under the ADMIN MENU:

This screen opens with options under GENERAL, EMAILS and PDF

Click on App Settings:

Now input further settings to suit your Business, under EMAIL and MISC OPTIONS. 

Email settings

Most of the options are self explanatory but ask Plus Software or speak to your Partner if you have any questions.

* Misc.Options

Exclude Upcoming Invoices 
This prevents the Send All/Send Select pages from showing an invoice which is less than x days from due.


Exclude Accounts Which have an Overall Balance of Zero or Less

If all of a Customer's Invoices total to a zero balance or a credit balance (due to credits, refunds and similar) the customer will be hidden.
Suppliers will be hidden if their total of transactions is zero or a credit balance.


Exclude Credits etc 

Prevent Reminders for Credits Payments and Receipts from being sent through the Send All, Send Select pages.


Limit Actions To The User's Own Actions

If checked, each user will only see actions they have created. If unchecked, they see (and edit) all actions.

No GL Accounts in the Business Sytem?

If ticked, this allows the User to create their own rows within a Forecast Cashflow with no incoming sync from the Business System.

When you've completed your settings, go back to the Main Setup page, by selecting Setup Menu, in the top left.

You can now move onto additional settings:

  1. Email Setup (See HERE)
  2. PDF Setup (See HERE)

Need further information?

Submit a ticket by sending an email to Support@Plus.Live

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