Email Setup including templates history and overdue notifications

Setup: Email Settings

Forecast.Live allows you to customise EMAIL information to suit your business.

By now you should have already set up the first two options, CONNECTED MODE and GENERAL APP SETTINGS
  1. Connected Mode (your syncing schedule);
  2. General App Settings (see HERE)
  3. Email Setup (See HERE)
  4. PDF Setup (See HERE)
All these settings are found under the ADMIN MENU / SETUP:

There are a number of options under the EMAILS column:

Let's look at each one individually:

  1. Email Templates
  2. Email History

1. Email Templates

Forecast.Live is shipped with a number of Templates for the overdue emails which it generates. You lucky thing!!
You can also add your own.

When clicking on Email Templates, a screen with the various templates appears. 

You can use the existing Templates or you can choose to modify any by clicking the Modify button, on the right hand side:

You won't be able to see the Template on the next screen just yet,  but by clicking on the Modify/Update Layout button, you will see the chosen Template.

That opens up the existing Template:

You can now edit the existing text and you can insert additional fields from your Business System:

Make your changes and Save

You can add your own Email Templates by clicking 'Add Email Template'.

Then fill in the fields (example below) and save it by clicking the green button 'Add Email Template'.

2. Email History

This allows you to view History and to be able to Resend Emails

The button 'View Body' will display a preview of the email so you can check it before re-sending.

App Settings
There are further options in Setup - App Settings which allow you to customise the behaviour of Forecast .Live.


From Display Name sets the name of the 'From' person for the reminder emails, for example 'Big Co Ltd Accounts Department'.
Reply To Address sets the address to which replies to the reminder emails will default.
Disable Sending PDFs can be ticked to prevent any PDFs (i.e. copy invoices and credits) being sent.
Enable Sending PDFs for all documents allows all document types to be sent as PDFs - if unchecked, only invoice PDFs can be sent.

Exclude Upcoming Invoices By Number Of Days sets how many days in advance to send upcoming invoices.
Exclude Accounts Which Have An Overall Balance Of Zero Or Less allows you to avoid sending reminders for accounts which are in credit
Exclude Credits And Payments causes Forecast to exclude these transactions from the Send Reminders screens and from reports.
Limit Actions If checked, each user will only see Actions they have created. If unchecked, they can see (and edit) all Actions.

You're ready to look at PDF setup now! See the next article HERE

Need further information?

Submit a ticket by sending an email to Support@Plus.Live

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