Process of migrating from SnapshotBI to Snapshot.Live

What is the process to start migrating to Snapshot.Live, if I am a SnapshotBI Customer?

Snapshot.Live is part of the Plus.Live Platform, which you can read about HERE

To answer your question, you would most likely start your discussion with your Partner. They have knowledge of the differences between the Desktop / On Premise Solution (SnapshotBI) and the Cloud version (Snapshot.Live)

More about setting up Snapshot.Live HERE

Hey, did you know that Plus Software (the developers of Snapshot.Live) has a Fair Cost Policy to help existing Customers of the desktop
This Fair Cost policy is to help manage costs if moving to Snapshot.Live. See more HERE

Or pop us an email - see below.

Need further information?

Submit a ticket by sending an email to Support@Plus.Live .