Fair Cost policy for SnapshotBI.com Customers

Pricing Snapshot and Snapshot.Live Fair Cost Policy

Plus Software has a Fair Cost policy for Customers on our desktop Snapshot, SnapshotBI.com.

If an existing Customer of the desktop SnapshotBI wants to use Snapshot.Live (Cloud and Desktop Snapshot) either to replace SnapshotBI, or to use alongside, then Plus Software will discount the existing desktop subscription accordingly, in lots of $50.

Case example:

  1. Acme Limited is a current subscriber of SnapshotBI.com with a licence cost of $150 per month;
  2. They want to sign up to the Snapshot.Live Business Plan ($49, including First User);
  3. This will result in a reduction of the existing SnapshotB plan of $150 to $101 per month;
  4. If Acme Limited takes a Snapshot.Live Business Plan and 4 additional Users, with a monthly cost of $109 ($49 + $15 per User) then the original $150 is reduced to $41.

Important. A minimum of $50 in additional users on Snapshot.Live will be the trigger for the reduction in monthly costs (of the next $50).

Remember too, that there may be additional costs to set up or re-write Dashboards in the new Snapshot.Live platform.


  1. The Customer (or Partner) HAS TO ORDER the discount by sending an email request to Support@Plus.Live;
  2. 2 days’ notice is required for us to adjust licence billing, mInimum;
  3. If the Snapshot.Live licence is cancelled, the original SnapshotBi Licence will revert to the original price;
  4. Licence Fair Policy only works in increments of $50 or more, minimum. $45 (3 X Snapshot.Live Users) does not count, for example.

Need more information?

Speak to your Partner or Plus on Support@Live.com