Analysing the Open Rate of emails within Forecast Live

What is the Email History?

When sending reminders, it can often be useful to evaluate the effectiveness, frequency, and format of the reminders being sent. 
The Email History Page (Admin Menu -> Setup -> Email History) allows you to view all emails sent from Forecast Live across all time. 


Forecast Live customers currently use this for management reporting purposes, tracking of KPIs, or even as evidence towards Bad Debt Insurance claims. 

The elements and controls you'll find on the page are as follows:

  1. The module from which the email was sent.
  2. Analytic Emails - sent to business/department admins from Analytics Emails system
  3. Overdue Debtors - sent via the Send All / Send Select Reminders pages
      2. The company to which the email was sent (or Not Customer Facing for Analytics Emails)
      3. When the Email was enqueued from Plus Live
      4. Whether the email had any attachments
      5. A button to view the body of the email, as it was sent

Each row of the sub-grid has even more information
      6. One of the recipients to which the email was sent
      7. Whether the recipient was a TO / CC / BCC
      8. Our most recent interaction with the email
  1. This includes whether it has Bounced, was Blocked, Flagged as Spam, Opened, or Delivered 
      9. Whether, at some point, the email was delivered to that recipient
      10. Whether, at some point, that email was opened by that recipient
Note: Some Anti-Virus and Anti-Spam systems open the email to ensure its contents are safe, in this case the email will be flagged as opened, despite the recipient not having done so. 

Need more information?

Send us an email to Support@Plus.Live

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