Plus.Live Download and Install Data Connector

Step 2: Download and Install On Premise Data Connector

Article Summary

This help article is step 2 of the 3 steps needed to get your Data Connector setup with your Business System Database.

Configure the Data Connector

When you first create your company portal and sign up to a Plus.Live application (even on a free license or trial), the first thing you will do, in most cases, is configure a Data Connector. 

Reminder: This article deals with the download of an On Premise (or local) Data Connector.

If you have a Cloud Application you want to connect, this option will be available when setting up the Plus.Live product. 

If you are an Administrator of your Plus.Live portal, there will be a link in the main menu of all products labeled Data Connector.

Click on Data Connector menu, on the left hand of your screen (shown below): 


The Data Connector Screen will open. Click on the Download Data Connector, on the right of the screen:

You now need to configure a connection to your Business System.

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