Adding Business System details to the Plus.Live Data Connector

Step 3: Adding your Business System Details to the On Premise Data Connector

Article Summary

This help article is step 3 of the 3 steps needed to connect your On Premise Business System to Plus.Live.

Data Connector Installation

1. Install Data Connector Set up

Once you've downloaded the On Premise Data Connector (see here on how), click on this

This is a standard Windows Application and installation.

Select the component, and installation folder and click on FINISH as shown below.

This will run the Plus.Live Data Connector

2. Get your API token for Plus.Live

When the Data Connector is first run, it will bring up a window to enter your Plus.Live portal details. These are your Username and Password that you first used to create your Plus.Live account. Click the Connect to the Plus.Live Portal button, and if your details are corrected, the Connection Status will go Green. 

Note: This may take up to 60 seconds.

If the connection doesnt say connected, check  your details that you entered, or it maybe a case where you need to use some Proxy Server settings to make the connection. In this case, you may need to involve your IT administrators.

You can always get back to this Window by clicking on the Connect to Plus.Live icon (top left):

TIP: If you've forgotten your password, click on "Forgotten password" on the Plus.Live portal.

3. Enter the Proxy Server (if required) and additional detail:

If you do need to use a Proxy Server, you can click on the additional details Tab, and complete the following details.

Press Save and Close.

4. Add Business System

Once you have a successful connection to your Plus.Live portal, you can configure your connectiosn to your Business System Database(s).

Click on Add Connector

The following fields need to be filled in:

  1. Connector Name: Give a name to your Connector that is easy to identify, you will see this name on the Plus.Live portal when configuring Plus.Live applications.
  2. Connector Type: Is the name of your Business System, or the name of the Database Product that you want to connect to. Always choose your Business System Name if it is in the list, rather than the Database Type. For example, choose Sage 200 (Evolution) if you use Sage 200, rather than Microsoft SQL.
  3. Company Portal: If your API token is correctly set up, your Company /Portal should automatically appear and you select it.

Here's an example below:

Press Next for the final step

5: Enter your SQL Settings and Database name of the Business System:

Depending on the connector type you selected above, this next screen can be different and require different information.

In general when connecting to a Business System, you will need to enter the Database Connection details. in this example it is for a Sage 200 (Evolution) database, and the SQL Server Details, username and password, and then your Business System Database are required.

If you do not know these details please contact your Business System Partner or IT Support.

Note that there is a Tab for the Common Database details (not required in all systems) and a tab to locate the folder that contain the files for your Business System SDK.
This is required only for Sasles.Live where transactions are written back into your business system.

Press Next.

Your Data Connector Wizard is now complete and you should now have a connection between Plus.Live and your Business System, which you can see from the Data Connector Menu in any of the Plus.Live applications.

Need further information?

Submit a ticket (see below) or if you’re not reading this on our online Help Guide, pop an email to Support@Plus.Live

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