Custom Report Formats within Forecast.Live

Custom Report Formats - Reports and Categories

New report formats can be created by clicking the Add button in the Custom Report Formats section.

These reports can be fresh (with no categories) or use one of the Plus Software designed Templates which come with some categories pre-populated. 

Once Save is clicked, a new Report should now appear in the Custom Report Formats sections.

When you click on this Report, there should be no categories within the Report Categories section, unless you're chosen a Template, in which case there will be some categorisation.

You can then add more Categories to this report by clicking Add.

Fill in the sections as follows:

1. The Category Name - These must be unique across the report

2. Is Income? - A Category (and its GL Accounts) will conditionally format according to the following rule:
- If the checkbox is checked, a greater Actual than Budget will be Green and a lesser Actual than Budget will be Red.
 - If it's flagged as a not-Income account, the opposite will happen.

3. The Parent Category - If there are already Categories on the Report, you will be able to select one to act as a parent - the new account will be collapsed with the parent and display as a Child on the Forecast screen

4. The Formula field - This is where a user writes a custom formula that applies to the category's cells. It will accept any Spreadsheet-acceptable formula, and can reference any existing categories - write these as the category name in square brackets. E.G. [Sales]

5. The Field Picker - Allows a user to insert Categories into the Formula field by selecting, and clicking Add. No formatting necessary!

Note: In the Report Categories pane that Categories appear with a Folder Icon, and Categories with Calculations appear with a Calculator icon

If you need to edit the category (to change its name or other properties) click Edit.

You can also Co​py a category (this doesn't copy any mapped GL Accounts) or Delete the category if it no longer suits your needs.

Categories can also be moved Up or Down among their peers (the ones in the same level) using the arrow buttons to the right.

Once the categories are filled out, you're ready to start coupling General Ledger Accounts into them.

Need more information?

Send us a ticket to Support@Plus.Live

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