Understanding Data Connectors for Plus.Live

Understanding Data Connectors

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This article explains a little more about Data Connectors including On Premise and Cloud Connectors.

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Two types of Data Connectors

The Plus.Live Data Connector is a program that lets you integrate your Business Software to Plus.Live applications.

You must use a Data Connector with
 Snapshot.Live,  and you have the choice of using one with Sales.Live.

The Data Connector includes significant "Integration logic", which saves you and/or your I.T. team from having to integrate your business applications yourselves. 

There are two types of Data Connectors:

  1. An On Premise Data Connector, which you download and use with Business Systems that run from your Server. You can only install one Data Connector per server, but you can configure multiple connections to different databases within this Data Connector.

  2.  A Cloud Data Connector, which allows you to join your Cloud Based software to Plus.Live. In this case there is no need to download any Connector, you simply enter details about the system you are connecting to. 

You can use more than one Data Connector for your Plus.Live Portal

It may be the case that you want to connect to an On Premise System and a Cloud Based System.

In this instance you could use both the On Premise Data Connector, as well as configuring one of our Cloud Data Connectors.

Equally, with the On Premise Data Connector, you can configure multiple connections to multiple different systems / databases, allowing you freedom to use Plus.Live with multiple systems.

Plus.Live continues to expand the number of Business Systems that it integrates with around the world.

This provides seamless  integration of data between Plus.Live applications and your Business Systems, reducing double handling of data and improving process efficiencies. 

 To see how to setup a Data Connector, click here.

 Need further information?

Submit a ticket by sending an email to Support@Plus.Live or use the "Chat" option (note - only available within Plus.Live).



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