Supported Business Systems for Snapshot.Live

Supported Business System & Database Technologies

Article Summary

This article outlines the supported Business Systems and Database Connections currently developed for Snapshot.Live

Business Systems Supported

The following Business Systems have supported connections with Snapshot.Live.

This means you can setup a Data Connection using our Data Connector, and access the Community Dashboards developed for your system, as well as Copy and Modify them. You can also create Custom Dashboards for your Business System.

  1. Sage 200 (Evolution)
  2. Sage 300 (Coming Soon)
  3. Sybiz Vision
  4. Sybiz Visipay
  5. ABM (Coming Soon)
  6. MYOB Exo (Coming Soon)
  7. Xero
  8. Oodo (Coming Soon)
  9. SAP B1 (Coming Soon)
  10. Ostendo 

Database Technologies Supported

The following Database Technologies are supported. As a result, you can connect to any database on these Database Servers / Technologies.

Note: You won't be able to access Community Dashboards with any of these connections below, but you will be able to build your own Custom Dashboards.

  1. Microsoft SQL
  2. Firebird
  3. MySQL

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