Setup Tax Codes in Sales.Live

Setup: Tax Codes

Tax Codes setup is found under Amin/Setup/General

In Sales.Live, you can add as many Tax Codes as you require, under the Tax Codes setup. 

Note: In Connected Mode Tax Codes will come from your Business System that you are connected to.  If not in Connected Mode, you can Add, Edit or Delete them from within Sales.Live as this article outlines. 

To set up Tax Codes, you must be an Administrator.

Go to the Setup Menu on the left hand side and choose Setup:

Then select Tax Codes:

Now you can Add , Edit Delete as many Tax Codes as required and name them however you want.

Click the Create Tax Code button to create a new Tax Code or the Modify Button to Edit.

Default Tax Code

Tax Codes are used on Quotes, Orders or Invoices through Sales.Live to calculate the Tax amount that applies. 

A Tax Code can be set against each Inventory Item, but if no Tax Code is set for an Item the Default Tax Code will be used. 

Note: In Connected Mode Tax Codes will come from your Business System that you are connected to, however the default Tax Code will need to be set in Sales.Live.

To set the Default Tax Code, you must be an Administrator. Go to the Setup Menu on the left hand side,

Now select Default Tax Code.

The Default Tax option can now be selected and Saved.

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