Setup App Settings in Sales.Live

Setup: General App Settings

There are some general App Settings under Admin/Setup/General you should be aware of:

Let's look at the options below, allowing you to modify the way the Application behaves.

DIsplay Currency

Your default currency will have been set by your implementation specialist, but should you ever need to change it, you can do so here:

Enable Orders, Enable Invoices, Enable Quotes, Enable Credits

Tick or untick depending on functionality required for the User.

Process Transactions

If you are operating in Connected Mode, the transactions which are posted to your Business System can be fully processed or saved (for later review and processing).
You can control this behaviour here:

Enable Signature

When you process a transaction in Quick Entry, Sales.Live can also capture a signature which is attached to your transaction in your Business System.
To enable or disable this feature just click the checkbox below:

Enable Email Sending

If you would like to send a copy of your quote, order or invoice to your customer, make sure this option is ticked:
Quick Entry will check the list of contacts against your Customer in your Business System and present those which have been set up to receive documents.

Note: there is a separate option to send a copy of every sale to a nominated email address and that feature is not controlled by this setting. See below.

Enforce Adress Selection

When ticked, this will require an address to be selected

Show In Stock Inventory by Default

In the Inventory screen, when this option is ticked, all inventory that is on hand and in stock will be shown.

Disable Customer List filtering for Reps

If a User is linked to a Rep, they will only see the cCustomers linked to that Rep (which is set in the Business System)
If thIS setting is ticked then the Rep will see ALL Customers, even if they are linked to a Rep

Email Document To Back Office

Here you can nominate one or more recipients to receive a copy of every sale which is posted in Quick Entry
This happens behind the scenes and is independent of the Email Sending to Customer contacts (above).

Document Notes

You can now use the PDF Designer to make your own Custom layouts so this is no longer needed.

Any more Questions?

Please contact Support@Plus.Live

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