Initial setup of Snapshot.Live

Initial Setup of Snapshot.Live

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This article outlines the initial steps to set up Snapshot.Live and connect to your Business System.

We assume you have set up a Company Portal and Users on Plus.Live - if not, click here.

‚ÄčNOTE: There are some great Getting Started videos to help you see what is possible with Snapshot.Live. To see these, click here

Choosing your Business System or Database Connection.

When you first click on Snapshot and enter the Application a message is displayed asking you to select which Business System or Database Connection you would like to connect to.

If you are using one of the Supported Business Systems, choose it from the list. This way you will receive the Community Dashboards set for that Business System.

If you are only connecting to a Database, select the Data Technology you are connecting to.

This will prompt you to either Download the On Premise Data Connector, or go through a setup Wizard to connect to another Cloud system.

In this article, we assume you need to Download the Data Connector.

Installing the Data Connector

To install the Data Connector please follow our detailed steps which can be found in our 'Setting up a Data Connector section'.

Checking the Data Connection in Snapshot.Live

To check that your Business System Data Conenction is active in Snapshot.Live, Click on the Data Connector Menu from the Left Hand Menu.

If your Data Connector is setup correctly, you will be able to see your Data Connection in this screen:

You can now go to the Community Dashboards section and run the Community Dashboards.

You can read about our Community Dashboards here.

Need further information? 

Submit a ticket by sending an email to Support@Plus.Live or use the "Chat" option (note - only availabe within Plus.Live).

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