Existing Customer of SnapshotBI.com wants to use Snapshot.Live

I’m an existing Customer of SnapshotBI.com (Desktop/On Premise) - I now want to use Snapshot.Live – how can you help?

That’s easy!

If you like Snapshot.Live, Register your Free Trial,  and start using for 14 days for Free. 

The Free Trial will give you an excellent idea of the functionality and the "look and feel" both on your Laptop/Mac/PC or from another device like a Tablet or Ipad.
See the difference between 1 User Free Forever and a paid Licence HERE

If you want to use both versions of Snapshot, by all means. Alternatively, if you’re happy with the difference in functionality and Dashboard selection of Snapshot.Live, then cancel your Desktop Licence when ready.

There are many advantages to Snapshot.Live and your licence costs may even be cheaper, in some cases.

IMPORTANT: Existing Custom Dashboards (within the desktop version of SnapshotBI) have to be re-written.

This is because Snapshot Live is a Cloud platform and has a completely different back end.

 Need further information?

Submit a ticket by sending an email to Support@Plus.Live