Installing Server and workstation versions of Snapshot

Installing Server and Workstation versions of Snapshot

Once SnapShot is installed on the Server/Primary workstation initially, a shared database is created (the default name is SnapShot). 

Load the Licence using web update (if possible) See installation notes on the Snapshotbi download page on how to do this.

Important – remember to check for new Dashboards (under Settings) to populate the Community Dashboard section or no dashboards will be visible.

Once this initial set us is complete, each additional workstation can be implemented via the executable. Download this from the PSS download link. Or download and save it to a shared drive so you can access the install file from any workstation.  Or another option is to copy to a USB drive and to take to the workstation to install.

When logging in for the first time (on the workstation) link the database (Snapshot or other name) by clicking on Settings. The SQL server, username and password is required to complete the installation.

You will only require the one registration code. You will also need to set up user names and passwords for the users on the individual workstations to manage permissions in the future. See under Settings, Manage Login and Permissions.

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