Customising and building New Dashboards within Snapshot.Live

Customising & Building New Dashboards Introduction

Article Summary

This article explains the possibilities of Customising and Building New Dashboards within Snapshot.Live

General Dashboard Design Information

With Snapshot.Live, it is possible to Customise and create your own New Dashboards.

You can do this inhouse (if you have the skills) and have completed some training, or you can use your Business Partner or the team at Plus Software to assist you with this.

Note: Our preference is always your Business Partner, as they have intimate knowledge of your business.

Our Business Partners are trained and have completed certification in writing new Dashboards, but if you would like undertake some training yourself please contact our team. See the ticket or email detail below.

Copying & Modifying Existing Dashboards

In Snapshot.Live you have the ability to copy and modify existing Community or Custom Dashboards. This provides an accelerated way to make changes to suit your business requirements.

Creating New Dashboards

You can also create New Dashboards across any of our suported Business Systems or Database Sources. In addition, you can have Multiple Data Sources in one Dashboard. 

Need further information? 
Submit a ticket (see below) or if you’re not reading this on our online Help Guide, pop an email to Support@Plus.Live