Community Dashboards within Snapshot.Live

Community Dashboards Introduction

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This article explains Community Dashboards within Snapshot.Live, under the Plus.Live Platform.

Community Dashboards

Community Dashboards are Dashboards that are available to all users of Snapshot.Live and come installed automatically:

  1. When connecting Snapshot.Live to your supported Business System, you will receive a detailed set of Dashboards specific to your system. This enables you to benefit immediately from our set of financial and operational Dashboards, without any further investment in consulting skills. 

  2. These Dashboards provide great examples of what is possible with Snapshot, but also invaluable information about your business.

  3. We also provide you the ability to copy our Community Dashboards (on our paid plan) so that you can use our existing logic and Dashboard design as a starting point to make changes to Dashboards specific to your interests. This will save you many hours in achieving your Business Intelligence reporting and KPI's to manage your business. Please discuss your needs with your Business Partner or with the team at Plus Software, for assistance in understanding how to achieve your Business Intelligence requriements.

We maintain Community Dashboards as Business Systems are upgraded and changed, ensuring version control on them, so that customers  don't have to managed this process. 

Accessing Community Dashboards

To access Community Dashboards, you must have first connected to your Business System via our Data Connector

You can then find the Community Dashboards by clicking on Community Dashboards in the Left Hand Menu of Snapshot.Live. 

If you have more than one Data Connection configured to different business systems, they will display across the top.

And if you have different Business System Databases connected for each system they will display in the rows.

Click View Dashboards to View the Community Dashboards. 

Click on View Dashboards to open the Dashboard selection.

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