Tools for Send All Reminders in Forecast.Live

Additional Tools for the Send All Reminders Page

The grid view you can see on the Send All Reminders page is dynamic and allows you to get a better view, or plan your Accounts Receivable strategy for the day.

Columns can be clicked to sort the grid by that column in either Ascending or Descending mode, and multiple filters can simultaneously run to better target Customers.

Here's a visual with 1-4 (in red) showing some key elements:

1 - Sort Order Indicator
2 - Filter Conditional
3 - Filter Settings
All of the above combine to show Customers with an outstanding Amount >= $4000, shown in alphabetical order.

You can also use the Select All or Clear Selected buttons to Select or De-Select all Customers in the current view.
Remember: Selected items on the Send All Reminder page are EXCLUDED from sending. 

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